moral and intellect■ual development.” “That’s● Bigourdin and his friends,” cried Mar●tin. “He is a splendid fellow,● a liberal education.” “He’s an■ apostle of sanity,” replied Fortinbras with ●an approving nod. “Meanwhile sanity would ●not recommend your standing about ●in this chilly air with nothing o■n. I will converse with you while y●ou dress.” “I’ll have my tub at once,” said■ Martin. He disappeared into■ the famous bathroom and after a few m■oments returned and made his toi

let wh■ile he gossiped with Fortinbras ■of the things he had learned a■t the Café de l’Univers. “■It’s a funny thing,” said he, “bu●t I can’t make Corinna see it.”  癜She’s Parisianised,” replied Fortinbras●. “In Paris we see things in false p●erspective. All the little finnick■y people of the hour, artists, w■riters, politicians are so close■ to us that they loom up like ●mountains. You learn more of France in a w●eek at Brant?me than in a year ●at Paris, because here there’s■ nothing to confuse your sens■e of values. Happy young man to live in Br●ant?me!” He sighed and, se

eing that Martin■ was ready, rose and accompanied hi●m downstair

s. Félise, fresh and dainty, with● heightened colour and gladness in her eyes● due to the arrival of the adored fath■er, poured out Martin’s cof●fee. They were old-fashioned in the ●H?tel des Grottes, and drank co■ffee out of genero

us bowls wit●hout handles, beside which, on the plate,■ rested great spoons for such sops of bread as m●ight

be thrown therein. “It is as yo■u like it?” she asked in her pretty, c

lipped E●nglish. “It’s always the best ■coffee I have ever drunk,” smiled Martin.■ He looked up at Fortinbras loun●ging in the wooden chair usually occupi■ed by Corinna. “Do you know, Mr. Fort●inbras, that Mademoiselle Félise has ■so spoilt me with food and drink th●at I shall never be able to face an English● lodging-house meal again?” For●tinbras passed his arm round his daught■er’s waist

and drew her to ●him affectionately. “She would spoil me too, i●f she had the chance. It is aston■ishing what capability there is in thi■s little body.” Félise, yielding to t■he caress, touched her father’s hair. “It’s■ like mamman, when she was yo■ung, n’est-ce pas?” She spoke i●n French which came more readily. “●Yes,” said Fortinbras, in a deep voice. “Just● like your mother.” “I t

ry to rese■mble her. Tu sais, every time I fe■el I am lazy or miss

rable to
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